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Creative Writing/Storyline
Art Design & Direction
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Theme Design
Visual Identity
Graphic Design
Signage & Wayfinding
Mascots and Character Design
Exhibit - Attractions Development
Activities - Design and Development
Sound and Lighting Design
Special Technology development
Operation Plans
Feasibility and BP Plans
IT Design and Implementation
Project Management


The first phase of any project. It involves a multidisciplinary talent team to brainstorm design ideas

The Conceptual Ideas phase builds on the Bluesky results into a Preliminary Project with a site study, selection of rides and attractions, theming, traffic and gests flow, zoning layout, as well as front and back office requirements. We consider not only the areas with views of customers, our philosophy is make a comprehensive design package that includes all public and service areas, offices and technical areas. Operations develops a first feasibility plan approach.

In this phase, mascots and characters are created and attractions list is defined. Storyline and storyboards will be applied to the attractions, buildings and areas. Artist impressions of all park areas, attractions, restaurants, shops, kiosks and all other marquees visible to the guests will be developed. Architecture will develop, primary and secondary guest circulation, vehicular circulation, service circulation, employee access and exit, emergency routes, building program describing GFA, capacity and BOH. Operations will develop attendance derived to the feasibility study for the first five years and an opening calendar calculating opening days and hours.

The Schematic Design phase lies between the Concept Design and Detail Design especially in regards to theming, decorative elements and all building definitions that will be needed for the next phase. In this phase we will implement all elements of design from the conceptual phase into a technical set of documents.

Once a final solution has been reached with the Schematic Design where all the architectonical requirements are met and the customer approves the solutions provided in it, the Detail Design is where each solution will be taken to the detail degree needed for tender process and production of the attraction and theming. In this phase, we increase close collaboration with locals architects and engineers to ensure monitoring throughout the entire project of the regulations and local construction and security specifications.

Any complex project requires an experienced project management team that can apply efficiencies into the schedule and budget construction by recommending that many of the elements that are part of it must be developed and built off site, in parallel with the on site construction. Construction coordination, Project Management, Tender Process and Production Logistics are key in this phase. The most obvious cases are theming and attractions, AV systems and hardware/software, both for attractions and park operations.